Read This Story as One Seamless Sentence – Fábio Fernandes

,he told me when he gave me the paper to read, even knowing I was busy and had no time for such fripperies, because I do work hard after all, I’m not a writer, hell, I’m not even much of a reader and he knows it very well, so why couldn’t he give this damn story to someone else and leave me alone, for Christ’s sake, yes, sake is his favorite drink since he visited Japan and he didn’t even brought me a stupid bottle, ‘cause let’s be honest, I’m not in the least interested in what he has to say or write but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind to have a nightcap, one for the road, you know, tip the bottle a little, ‘cause this is the only way you can remain in one piece here, kiddo, plain and simple, no other way, that’s just what I’m telling you and I would most certainly told him if he just stopped annoying me with his damn story of his, which I won’t ever read if I can have my way, but you’re never one hundred per cent sure of anything, for example, who knew I would end up being stuck with my boyfriend in Hell if I shoot him exactly to shut him up?