Hana Yori Dango Season 1 Episode 1 – Atashi Wa

Here’s the deal. I watch shows you don’t. And since you don’t watch them, I’m not afraid to spoiler. Sit back and relax as I hit the play button, to start this article series off with Episode 1 of Hana Yori Dango (a manga turned dorama).

This is a rewatch for me, so I can say off the bat, this is one of my favorite dorama openings despite the fact they are using Harry Potter music. “How Come? WHY!?” Damn you Coco Chanel! OMEGA! Louis Vuitton!!! Stella! STELLA!

What does that mean? Poor girl is in a rich school. Meet Makino, our female lead. And after two years of school she still acts like this. Not very adaptable is she?

But wait a “RED NOTICE!” They are all acting like zombies now, looking up. This isn’t a horror series, but this is creeeepy! Even the teachers are in on it. Homeroom ends early. What could this be?

It is the introduction of the male cast! Where we learn a group known as F4 (Flower Four) runs the school. They are the super richest in the school and supposedly the hottest (I don’t think the guy that plays Akira is hot, though… The other three are absolutely yummy, for sure).

If they Red Notice your locker the rest of the school goes after you. Like zombie wolves. Charming right? Wanna go to school there too? I would have dropped out as soon as I heard this crap, but Makino? Nah, she just goes out of her way not to be noticed.

And thus the offender is brought before the F4. This is where they are introduced. Of the four you just need to know two: the F4 leader Domyouji (I used to pronounce his name Dumanji… like Jumanji, but with a D… I fixed that by the time I watched the movie) the heir to a huge worldwide corporation and Rui the “pet son of a big corporation. Cool and of few words… a mysterious member.” Bullying and violence ensues.

Can you see where this is eventually going? Okay! Now that you know the set up…

Walk in slow-mo a lil longer for me baby… rawr! I know he’s being evil, but Domyouji is just too cool. Cheer the violent dictator of school! They’re leaving the room APPLAUD!! THEY CAN WALK!!!

Since Makino bottles it in, going to a school fire escape is the perfect place to yell about them. Not like anyone else could ever be there. Of course she’s too stupid to notice Rui was there.

Opening credits… I know Mastumoto Jun (actor for Domyouji) is a member of Arashi (Boy Band), but why must I suffer this! Their songs suck so bad. FAST FORWARD!

Look! Poor girl so poor she has to work. Hello work buddy and super creepy boss! More bitching about the school and foreshadowing. Seems Makino fights for justice. Well, she’s doing a crappy job of it now.

Now to her home. She so poor! Mama, Papa, lil bro, and Makino in tiny space. But they can’t seem poor. Wedding present bento box to try to make her fit in. This can’t go bad.

Lil bro will go to super cheap school for sake of family. But her in a rich school? That okay! The family gets off bragging about it!

FLASHBACK. A cool girl’s speech is what led Makino to hell. Yeah, because I decide on all things based one speeches instead of finances and facts.

School time. Everyone else buys lunch! She so poor… You know we get it by now. She’s poor! And she now tries to make a friend by saving new girl from hot rich guys that want her to eat lunch with her. Is that really saving? Here rich girl, eat poor people food. “Delicious!” Yeah…

Can we get to the…

New girl bumps into F4 leader. Uh-oh.

Bully. Bully. Bully. Makino actually sticks up for her. Who didn’t see this coming? But wait! They say nothing, only ominously leave? What could this mean?

RED NOTICE TIME! Dum-dum-de-dum-dum!

Bully. Bully. Bully. And girl Makino sacrificed herself for, she no care and she no help. Makino now poor and ostracized. Boo-hoo. Back to the fire escape “no one else uses!” And now she learns that Rui has heard before! Oh no, F4 problems get worse? Nope! He nice and she starts to likey him.

Cute guy makes her happy. Not what Domyouji wants to see while slowly following her in his chauffeured car! I mean didn’t she notice the car? Ugh… Don’t tell me that now she’s too poor to pay attention!

But what can Domyouji do now? She happy! Well time drown the henchmen in the pool! Okay his hotness is a little over shadowed by his creepy here. Bring me back hotness!

More Makino whining at work! And here is where we start learning about the boss’s many ex’s. She got around… That or she wishes she was a slut.

Snakes in her locker, and then she is abducted into the science room… Oh, I hate this scene. They are going to rape her to shame her out of school. Really, did they have jump to this? Rape? Wasn’t there something else they could have done? Why not just threaten her with that knife they are holding everyday! Straight to rape? Really?

But ho! What is this? Rui! He gives orders… Domyouji gave orders. Henchmen reluctantly withdraw before bad things happen. Rui wins! And like now becomes love.

Domyouji finds out. But he has something more important, his mom. And she’s a crappy mom (big surprise?). She’s also a be-otch. A big be-otch.

Back to showing how poor Makino is. I GET IT! ENOUGH! Wait, she’s trying to use this as an excuse to quit school. Quick change to F4 to say, no one else thinks she should have been raped. Yes, Domyouji, you’re wrong… Accept it…. Of course you won’t. And back to Makino’s parents. They want to make it up to her with a bento. Just take her out of the school! That would make everyone happy! And you less poor! Again to Domyouji. Man this night takes forever. He so frustrated he beat up middle aged men.

Oh thank goodness, it is lunch. WOW BENTO REVEALED! Makino so happy. Yeah, that’s not gonna last. DOMYOUJI APPEARS! Bully. Bully. Snap! You can’t step on the prawn her mama made her biz-niche. And punch! But Domyouji, see this boy has a complex… He’s in awe. But she cares more about Rui’s reaction (he’s impressed or amused… I dunno how to read that smile beyond sexy).

And now it is a new day with her off to school. Just out of her apartment and she gets kidnapped by Domyouji. Episode 1 ends.